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I was thoroughly pleased by the humor and premise of each commercial that I saw; however, I was displeased over last year only having a few funny commercials. I was extremely glad to see many commercials, even for cars, being hilarious. It was actually hard to pick one that was better than the rest. I did not literally laugh out loud to any this year as I have in the past, but I felt that there were not any that I really felt were horrible or that left me hanging. We got to see Sir Elton John and Flava Flav make appearances in a Pepsi commercial, and there was that little boy who had to pee so bad in the TaxAct ad. I really loved the Mr. Quiggly pug that out ran the race dogs in his Skechers, and who can forget the always hilarious E-Trade commercial.

E*Trade 2012 Super Bowl Commercial, Fatherhood

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His response? Speed Dating. The E*trade baby and his commercials are known for being extremely funny for its one-liners. If this one-liner was a speed dater.

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10 Funniest Super Bowl Ads of 2012 – and What to Expect for 2013

Manning put on possibly the drive of his career to capture his second Super Bowl title. However, if you are outside of the Upper Northeast, you probably didn’t care who won or who lost. You were watching for the commercials. Matthew Broderick calls in sick to work so that he may stay at home, or rather, go out and do whatever he feels like. Jerry Seinfeld tries desperately to be the first one to own the car, so he persuades the current buyer to give him the keys.

And the kicker is, his toddler buddy is “speed dating” a nursery full of infants. Not creepy at all. — There are no reports that the E*Trade.

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Super Bowl commercials 2012 review: They helped make the first half more interesting

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All of the ads can be viewed on YouTube. A follow-up commercial aired during halftime. Audi: In this Twilight spoof, vampires party in the woods and are having a great time.

Pete Holmes, E Trade, Great Ads, Best Commercials, Seriously Funny, Speed Dating, New Dads, Conduit, Baby Games. The title says it all. This ads is banned​.

By delaney , February 13, in Dock Talk. Ok, it is mid Feb. I have cabin fever and want to be on my boat. I am tired of reading about manufacturing issues and who should pay. So, I would rather have a laugh. The superbowl commercials were ok, too serious at times but some good ones. The best one

Superbowl commercials aim to please viewers

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3. Chevy – Kid grad gets a new car / I mean dorm fridge. 4. Toyota – Couch made out of bikini models. 5. E-Trade – Baby speed dating.

The Steaming Cup was busy interacting with fans Sunday and was zeroed in on the big game by kickoff, so we enlisted the help of a Steaming Cup operative to rate the vaunted Super Bowl commercials. It’s a mixed bag, listed by “likes” and “dislikes. Here goes Too suggestive. Dog buries cat, bribes owner to cover for him. Hyundai Velocity. Releasing “big cat” to chase car. It goes after man who opened cage. Chevy Camaro. Graduate thinks it’s his.

Girlfriend says she’ll marry him. It belongs to an elderly neighbor. Wouldn’t mind seeing it again.

E-Trade Baby Super Bowl Commercial 2012 (VIDEO)

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54 Alternative Ad Networks to Open Up New Channels of Growth in 2020

Let’s face it. Selling financial solutions during a Super Bowl is far from easy. But E-Trade manages to capture our spirit and laughter with its clever ad. His friend Bobby stops by for an unexpected surprise visit, too and even jokes he’s speed dating in the nursery.

sunset date of March 31, , the Union agrees to waive contract coverage over provided that such commercials comply with the Federal Trade e. Each commercial is subject to a 2-week promotional limitation.

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ATT Commercial Speed Dating

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