Historical reliability of the Gospels

Today we celebrate the Feast of the Evangelist St Mark. In seminary we had to study modern Biblical scholarship, and one of my great blessings was that at Bob Jones I learned to be skeptical of the fundamentalists, but at Oxford I learned to be skeptical of the modernists. The fundamentalists and the modernists seemed to me to be like two madmen strapped back to back. Both the fundamentalists with their total rejection of modern scholarship and the modernists who seemed to scorn every traditional understanding of the Scriptures on principle, were unreasonable. If you check out Wiki you will see an article that says most scholars believe Mark to have been written in the second half of the first century by an unknown Christian. It works like this: in the gospel Jesus foretells the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem. The temple was indeed destroyed in 70 AD. The scholars read the prediction of the temple being destroyed and assume that it indicates knowledge of the destruction of the temple which took place in 70 AD therefore the document in question could not have been written before 70 AD.

Does History Reliably Prove the Bible’s Gospels?

Church and ministry leadership resources to better equip, train and provide ideas for today’s church and ministry leaders, like you. Christian apologists are eager to date the gospels as early as possible to minimize the period of oral history. Less time for oral history means less time for legends to develop, and this points to a more reliable gospel message. I must confess that the conservative calculations sound reasonable in parts. This thinking places at least some of the gospels well before the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple in 70 CE.

And note the juggling that Wallace must do.

The Evolution of the Gospels. I think it was much late then previously written. And then they go on to tell everyone they can find about these pdf, in book settings.

Skip to content. Quick links. Late-date advocates for the gospels? Discussion about the New Testament, apocrypha, gnostics, church fathers, Christian origins, historical Jesus or otherwise, etc. Re: Late-date advocates for the gospels? A single, simple explanation for a historical event is generally a failure of imagination, not a triumph of induction.

Price, in “The Incredible Shrinking son of Man” asks, on p. And we might have to push the gospel even later in view of Hermann Detering’s forceful argument that Mark Basically it seems that Price opts for early to mid, maybe mid plus, second century as the range of probable dates for the 4.


This concise article by a noted Scripture scholar examines several reliable dating methodologies which have been used extensively to date the Gospels and contrasts these methods with the very unreliable literary analysis form criticism which is the preferred methodology of modern exegetes. Let’s be straightforward: I believe the Gospels to be direct testimonies that tell real and non-mythic or symbolic facts. Indeed, we who affirm the absolute historicity of the Gospels are now only a small minority.

Although this truth of the faith was strongly asserted by the Second Vatican Council and has been believed by millions of Catholics throughout the centuries of Christianity, we nowadays seem to be considered as outsiders.

Later while John was living in Ephesus possibly in the late 80’s AD or early 90’s, he published his gospel. This historical literary evidence comes from both.

The traditional authors of the canonical Gospels—Matthew the tax collector, Mark the attendant of Peter, Luke the attendant of Paul, and John the son of Zebedee—are doubted among the majority of mainstream New Testament scholars. The public is often not familiar, however, with the complex reasons and methodology that scholars use to reach well-supported conclusions about critical issues, such as assessing the authorial traditions for ancient texts. To provide a good overview of the majority opinion about the Gospels, the Oxford Annotated Bible a compilation of multiple scholars summarizing dominant scholarly trends for the last years states p.

Neither the evangelists nor their first readers engaged in historical analysis. Their aim was to confirm Christian faith Lk. Scholars generally agree that the Gospels were written forty to sixty years after the death of Jesus. They thus do not present eyewitness or contemporary accounts of Jesus’ life and teachings. Unfortunately, much of the general public is not familiar with scholarly resources like the one quoted above; instead, Christian apologists often put out a lot of material, such as The Case For Christ , targeted toward lay audiences, who are not familiar with scholarly methods, in order to argue that the Gospels are the eyewitness testimonies of either Jesus’ disciples or their attendants.

When Was John Written?

The naive reading of Acts tells us that it is just what it says it wants us to think it is: a true history of the origins of the church. So here is another conclusion with favourable treatment of the leader in captivity — pointing to hope for the future maybe, or encouragement to readers not to be disheartened by their less than top status in their community? Compare the beginning of Acts with its miracle of languages and another counterpart in Genesis 11??

While teaching a recent Colson Center Short Course, I was asked about the dating of John’s Gospel. This New Testament text is generally.

The gospel of Thomas is a collection of alleged Jesus’ sayings logions. We have two versions of the uncanonical gospel today. The first was discovered in the late ‘s among the Oxyrhynchus Papyri, and consists of fragments of a Greek version GrGTh , one of those Oxy 1 dated C. Scholars generally agree that Thomas’ gospel was first written in Greek, likely in Syria. The fragmentary Greek version includes a short prologue and logions 1 to 6, 27, 28, 30 to 32, 36, 37 and one not appearing in CoGTh.

Furthermore logion 30 incorporates also an element from CoGTh logion The complete Coptic version has the prologue and logions 1 to The last logion is undoubtedly Gnostic and considered by many scholars to be a late addition I will be gracious on that one. Important remark: my dating of GThomas should not be construed as indicative of the time when a Thomassan sect started to appear.

As a matter of fact, through my studies, not only of GThomas, but also of the making of GJohn published around , I am inclined to think this particular sect existed as early as the 70’s.

Why I like to be late when dating the gospels (and acts)

When the synoptic Gospels of Jesus Christ were written is of paramount importance. Liberal scholars assert that they were written late in the first century by non-eyewitnesses. If this is true then the entire premise of the New Testament is lost. Ancient texts written decades after the events took place, by people who did not see what they are writing, would be of very little value today. Fortunately for our generation, we have surviving manuscript copies of nearly the entire New Testament that are dated as early as A.

Beyond this, much debate remains, though conservative scholars suggest the evidence may favor a date in the mid to late 60s. Mark, as mentioned, was likely the.

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Warner Wallace brings his unique background as a widely respected murder investigator with a graduate theological degree to bear on the reliability of the New Testament.

Among the many topics that he addresses is the date of composition of the four New Testament gospels. Wallace defends their early origin, arguing that they represent genuine eyewitness testimony. The list and discussion below summarizes pages of his thoroughly enjoyable book, necessarily omitting much of its detail and all of his responses to counterarguments:. Coming at the conclusion of the First Jewish Revolt against Rome, that catastrophe fundamentally changed the nature of Judaism and, arguably, of Christianity.

Moreover, it fulfilled the prophecy of Jesus recorded at Matthew The New Testament says nothing about the three-year-long Roman siege of Jerusalem. Jewish suffering during that time was appalling, but none of the gospels refer to it. Peter was executed in Rome in A. In fact, at the conclusion of Acts, Paul is clearly still alive under Roman house arrest. He chronicles the deaths of other early Christian leaders — for example, the A. Some scholars, of course, argue that 1 Timothy was written quite late and not by Paul.

When Was Mark’s Gospel Written?

For this assignment I have been asked to argue the following thesis: The New Testament Gospels are not a reliable historical guide to the life, work, and teachings of Jesus. In particular, they provide no convincing evidence for the bodily resurrection of Jesus. This thesis sounds terribly negative, but I want to start on a very positive note.

We will examine and dispose of the common arguments for dating the Gospels late, and for rejecting their traditional authorship. With this, I will also offer two.

Although the Gospel is ostensibly written by St. Moreover, the facts that several episodes in the life of Jesus are recounted out of sequence with the Synoptics and that the final chapter appears to be a later addition suggest that the text may be a composite. This motive pervades the narrative, as do a kind of mystic symbolism and repeated emphasis on the incarnation.

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Read More on This Topic. John is the last Gospel and, in many ways, different from the Synoptic Gospels.

ApologeticsCanada Conference Part 2 – The Early Dating of the Gospels

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